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Tyler Legacy High School students enrolled at the Career and Technology Center (CTC) are being praised for their quick thinking when their bus driver experienced a medical emergency.  

“Our students were truly everyday heroes,” Legacy High Principal Dr. Walls said in a press release from Tyler ISD. "I really appreciate all their help in keeping everyone on the bus safe.”

After leaving the CTC and turning onto the Loop, the students noticed their driver was slowing down and drifted into the median, according to Tyler ISD. Grace Von Eschenbach, a senior, left her seat to check on the driver. Her efforts helped the driver safely move the bus to the side of the road. 

Other students called 911 and Cooper Cordell, a sophomore, checked the driver’s medical state. Once the bus stopped, an off-duty EMT came to assist the driver while other bus drivers radioed to see if the driver was OK, pulled over to help render aid and helped with traffic control.

"In addition to the incredible job of our Tyler ISD students, I want to commend our other bus drivers in the convoy,” Tyler ISD Director of Transportation John Bagert said. “If more than one bus is running the same route, they travel in convoys, which allows for assistance in an unforeseen situation, like this medical emergency."  

The school district plans to recognize the students’ bravery and actions at an upcoming school board meeting.

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