Ezra Miller, who played Barry Allen / The Flash in The CW’s Arrow, has apologized for their recent troubling behavior and revealed they have entered a treatment program for their “complex mental health issues.”

In a statement sent to The Hollywood Reporter via Miller’s representative, the actor, who uses they/them pronouns, said, “Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment. I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior.”

They added, “I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe, and productive stage in my life.”

Miller, who rose to fame with breakout roles in the films drama We Need to Talk About Kevin and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, has been involved in several controversies and legal issues over the past few years. Earlier this year, the Californication actor was arrested in Hawaii on two separate occasions, the first for disorderly conduct and harassment and the second for second-degree assault.

In June, legal documents obtained by TMZ revealed that a temporary order of protection against Miller had been filed by the parents of 18-year-old activist Tokata Iron Eyes. The parents claimed that Miller had groomed their child from the age of 12 and provided her with drugs. Takota has denied that Miller had sex with her when she was a minor.

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The latest incident occurred just last week when Vermont State Police revealed that Miller was facing felony burglary charges after several bottles of alcohol were taken from a home in Stamford while its owners were away. Miller was issued a citation and ordered to report to Vermont Superior Court on September 26 for arraignment.

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