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Congratulations to all the winners

Brookwood High School held their annual Beauty Walk on Saturday January 26 at the Bama Theatre in Tuscaloosa.  Fifty One young ladies took part in the annual event. 

Miss Brookwood High School 2019 Braleigh Ann Hyche

Miss Twelfth Grade Beauty Kateria Jamere Dykes

12th Grade 1st Alternate Alexa Michelle Hubbard

12th Grade 2nd Alternate Kamryn Grace Murdock

12th Grade 3rd Alternate Courtnie Elizabeth Young

Miss Eleventh Grade Beauty Maci Pullen

11th Grade 1st Alternate Felicity Grace Frame

11th Grade 2nd Alternate Savannah Kaye Cromer

11th Grade 3rd Alternate Isabella Renee Furgason

Miss Tenth Grade Beauty Madolyn-Grace Farmer

10th Grade 1st Alternate Ella-Grace Rose

10th Grade 2nd Alternate Houston Lunceford

10th Grade 3rd Alternate Gracie Cash

Miss Nineth Grade Beauty Madalyn Lunceford

9th Grade 1st Alternate Kayla Pharr

9th Grade 2nd Alternate Jessie Smith

9th Grade 3rd Alternate Lydia Gibbs

12th Grade Miss Congeniality Josie Hogeland

11th Grade Miss  Congeniality Kaitlyn Nicole Creel

10th Grade Miss Congeniality Mariah Dunn

9th Grade Miss Congeniality  Mallory Grace Savage