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Over the past few months in Hueytown, many conversations have centered around what is happening with the Hueytown swimming pool. A lot of rumors have been flying around about what is going on with it. Here are a few answers, and in the upcoming weeks, we will be getting more information and presenting it here at The Cutoff News.

The Legacy YMCA acquired the pool and property in Hueytown in May of 2019. Before purchasing the pool, the Legacy YMCA made an initial investment of more than $15,000 to assess the pool and determine if repairs were feasible. The assessment included pressure testing the skimmer, returns lines. After locating leaks in the skimmer and the return lines, those were repaired then the main drain was tested and found to be functional. They also assessed the rest of the property to determine what needed repair. The Y moved forward with the purchase and had plans to run a capital campaign to raise the money to make the necessary repairs and reopen the pool. Some of which include replacing the entire filtration system, renovations to changing rooms and check-in area, and overall deep cleaning of the facility. 

The capital campaign was set to begin in late 2020 and early 2021, with plans to reopen the pool in the summer of 2021. Due to the Covid - 19 pandemic, the Y thought it best to put the plans for the capital campaign on hold to help focus their efforts on helping the community navigate the Covid-19 crisis. During the pandemic, the Y has been maintaining the pool and property by keeping the place clean and cutting back overgrowth. Moving forward, the Legacy YMCA has some big announcements coming in the next few weeks concerning the future of the pool and property that should be exciting news for the citizens of Hueytown.

For several years now, The Y has impacted the Hueytown community by offering several programs, including a basketball league that practiced and held their games at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church between 2018 - 2019. In 2019 the Y took over the management of the Hueytown Council Of Clubs Community Center, now known as “YMCA Hueytown Youth Center,” and ballpark adjacent to the Hueytown Swimming Club. The city of Hueytown made some significant repairs to the center. The Y has been using the building to provide emergency child care for essential workers during the pandemic, provide child care during virtual learning and school out holidays during the 2020 - 2021 school year, operate a summer day camp and a morning boot camp Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. The Y is currently upgrading the inside of the facility to offer after-school care. 

The Legacy YMCA is located at 1501 4th Ave SW Bessemer, Alabama 35022. For more information about The Y, visit them online at or on Facebook at or call them at 205.426.1211