Miss Hueytown Middle School Pageant 2019 - Saturday, February 2, 2019 - Hueytown High School Auditorium

Miss Hueytown Middle School 2019 Kenley Dunlap

Crowning Services By Miss Hueytown Middle School 2018 Brianna Swann

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Congratulations To All The Winners

8th Grade Awards

Miss Hueytown Middle School 2019 - Kenley Dunlap

1st Alternate - Madison Moore

2nd Alternate - Emma Blackston

3rd Alternate - Taylor Martin

4th Alternate - Katelyn Hadder

People's Choice - Kayla Bouyer

Miss Photogenic - Madison Moore

Miss Congeniality - Madison Moore

Top 5

Taylor Martin

Madison Moore

Kenley Dunlap

Katelyn Hadder

Emma Blackston

7th Grade Awards

7th Grade Beauty - Jayla King

1st Alternate - Sophie Whitfield

2nd Alternate - Abby Tanner

3rd Alternate - Haley Hill

4th Alternate - Jade Melton

People's Choice - Jade Melton

Miss Photogenic - Jayla King

Top 5 

Abby Tanner

Jade Melton

Sophie Whitfield

Jayla King

Haley Hill

6th Grade Awards

6th Grade Beauty - Kelsey Johnson

1st Alternate - Zoe Porter

People's Choice - Kelsey Johnson

Miss Photogenic - Haylee Price

2 - 5 Alternates (In no particular order.)

Samantha Scelsi

Kendell Knowles

Devon Cook

Haylee Price


Braden Northcutt

Josiah Pierce

Mason Price

Sylas Amick

Sam Ware

Escort People's Choice - Sam Ware

Escort's Choice by contestants - Sylas Amick