Rumor has it that a young man was killed in an electrical accident while building the new Hueytown High School. His spirit is said to haunt the theater, turning lights on and off and sneaking up on class-skipping students. This past Halloween, three Hueytown theatre kids decided to investigate the haunted happenings in their school's theater. What they found was not what they were expecting. Note: This started as a film project, but what we captured on camera was not planned.

Gopher Ghost Huner Trailer

Episode 1 - The Legend Of Franklin

In episode 1 of the ghost hunting expedition, the hunters learn the story of Franklin, an electrician who was electrocuted and died while setting up the lights in the Hueytown theater catwalk. His ghost is rumored to still haunt the school theater today.

Episode 2 - First Encounter

During episode two their ghost-hunting Spanish teacher gives the kids the tools they need to track down Franklin. What they find in the theater seems eerily...otherworldly. Did you spot Franklin in the footage? Check the light booth.


Our ghost hunters decide to stay a night in the Hueytown High School haunted theater. They expected the noises, they expected the pizza, they even expected the impromptu sword fight. What they did not expect was everything else. Putting it lightly, they didn't stay the whole night. Watch the video to see if you can spot Franklin or the owner of the voice they heard at the end of the last episode.

Gopher Ghost Hunters

A Hueytown High School Theatre Productioin


Julianna Holmes

Riley Miller

Austin Pilkerton

Kayla Brown

Bradley Wilson

Craig Rackley

Theme : Somthing Wicked Ross Bugden

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