Over 100 young ladies attended the 4th Annual Princess With A Purpose Party at Crossroads Baptist Church in Hueytown. Each young ladies came dressed as her favorite Princess, and each table was decorated to represent their favorite princess. Every Princess was represented from Princess Leia from Star Wars to Disney Princess such as Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, and many others.

Princess With A Purpose is a special night to celebrate the little lady in the community and let them know that no matter what their situations may be that they are part of God's royal plan and that they are individually special said one of the event coordinators. The evening is also designed for the young ladies to learn manners/respect and just pure joy of being a little girl. The young ladies are not the only ones that benefit from the evening the parents and guardians also benefited as they were also reminded of manners and respect.

The women of Crossroad Baptist Church designed the tablescapes that you can see in the pictures. The young ladies enjoyed a lot of fun activities which included pictures with their favorite princesses, a proper dinner, a princess stroll and even more. Lori Davis and Michelle McClinton were the coordinators of the event.