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The City of Hueytown broke ground on a new multi-use storm shelter on Friday, October 11, 2019. Over the past several years, tornados have hit Hueytown’s neighboring communities and cities, including Oak Grove, Pleasant Grove, Bessemer, and McCalla. The new storm shelter will bring peace of mind to a lot of residents of Hueytown, knowing that they will have a place to go. The new multi-purpose storm shelter will be located at the corner of Forest and Hueytown Road in front of Hueytown Elementary. The shelter will hold approximately up to 275 people at one time and will be used for other events when not in use as a storm shelter. The new multi-use storm shelter will cost approximately $850,000 with funds from a FEMA Grant through Jefferson County secured by Hueytown Mayor Steve Ware and city council working with Dr. Hamilton of Jefferson County and the Jefferson County Commission. Construction will begin soon and is scheduled to be finished in mid-summer 2020. On hand for the groundbreaking were Hueytown Mayor Steve Ware, Hueytown City Council members President Jay Jacks, Fran Zinnerman, Phillip Contorno, Michael Pickens, and Phifer Crane, members of the Hueytown Police and Fire Department, Jefferson County Officials, other Hueytown officials, and citizens.