On Wednesday, January 6, 2020 for the first time in Miles College’s 122 Years, Miles College received the single largest gift by a donor of $1 Million.

Charles Barkley, former NBA Hall of Fame athlete and philanthropist, was the donor of this large historic gift made under the helm of President Bobbie Knight, Interim President of Miles College and first woman in history to lead the historic institution. In addition to his generous gift to the college, Mr. Barkley also gave of himself and time engaging students on Miles College campus.

Mr. Barkley has a history of philanthropic giving and support for HBCU’s. His leadership gift to Miles will help establish the level of key gifts from others in the philanthropic community.

“It’s great that Mr. Barkley thinks enough of Miles College to donate a million dollars. This gift lays the foundation to launch our $100 million dollar comprehensive campaign,” said President Bobbie Knight, Interim President of Miles College.

“I’ve gotten to know Bobbie Knight over the last year and it was something I really wanted to do,” saidCharles Barkley, NBA Hall of Fame athlete and philanthropist. “To have a female president is a big deal. I want to help Bobbie be as successful as she can be.”

In 2020-2021, Barkley plans to do economic development around the Birmingham and Leeds Area, in his hometown. Barkley is a majority owner of Redmont Distillary.