The Living Legends Civic Celebration Luncheon was held at the Bessemer Civic Center on Friday, January 18, 2019. The purpose of the luncheon was to honor local legends while they were alive to quote an old hymn “Bring Me The Roses While I live.” The Master Of Order was Ms. Takeshia Buie. The invocation was given by Jarvis Collier, Bessemer City Councilor District #1. The welcome was given by Latricia Crusoe, Bessemer City Councilor District # 7. Greetings were given by Jesse Matthews Bessemer City Council President, Bessemer Police Sergeant Alexia Brusiter Mrs. Edna Hinson Neighborhood Watch President of District 3 and Sheila Tyson, Jefferson County Commissioner District # 2. A unique music selection from Dr. Charles Diggins. Grace was given, and lunch was served. The lunch was served by ambassadors from Bessemer City High School, and the food was catered by New Bethlehem Baptist Church.

After lunch was served, special presentations were made which included Bessemer Police Chief Michael Roper honored the first African American elected to the position of Jefferson County Sherriff Mark Pettway. Bessemer District Attorney Lynneice Washington honored newly elected Birmingham District Attorney Danny Carr and Bessemer City Councilor District # 2 Kimberly Alexander honored Pastor William Henry Walker, Reverend New Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Different members of the Bessemer City Council honored people from their district. Jarvis Collier Bessemer City Councilor District # 1 honored Mrs. Rosa Blocker, Amos Rembert Jr, The Bessemer Coin Club, Mrs. Kathryn Strait, Janet Collier. Kimberly Alexander Bessemer City Councilor District # 2 honored Mrs. Nash, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Moten, Mr. & Mrs. Austin, Mrs. Clayton, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Gadie, Mr. Bell and Mrs. Tubbs. Cynthia Donald Bessemer City Councilor District # 3 honored Henry (GIP) Gipson, Elder Geraldine Taylor, The GAP Ministry, Shady Grove Baptist Church (Golden Age People). Jesse Matthews Bessemer City Councilor District # 6 honored Mary Joyce Carter, Rebecca Pickens, John Canada, and E.W. Phillips. Latricia Crusoe Bessemer City Councilor District # 7 honored Ms. Johnnie Norris, Mrs. Mary Heath Fuller, Ms. Barband Wilson, Mrs. Cher Smoot-Johnson, Mrs. Carlan Lacey, Mr. Joseph Owens, Mrs. Sarah F. Beasley and The Bessemer Silver Boomers (which included Dee Howard, Roger Brewster, Linda Vinson, Amanda Maize, Alton Woodard, Patricia Ann Payne, Azaline Jones, John Wilson, Dee Harris, Janet Collier, Mary Ann Dunbar, Patricia A. Davis, Nina L. Campbell, Rhonda Phillips, Harry Brumfield, Mrs. Pitts, Mrs. Congress, Flora James, Pat Robinson, Hiawatha Spraggins, Linda Wilkerson, Wanda Rollins, Ida Kendricks, Marvis Norfleet, Jessica Gaines, Nanette Gaines, Patricia Hilliard and Monica Tramble.

The luncheon was presented by the City Of Bessemer Neighborhood Watch and was organized by Bessemer City Council remember for District # 3 Cynthia Donald.