The Rise Up conference was nothing short from amazing as Michael Barham, founder, of Push Elevation, presented his very first Rise Up Communication and Leadership Conference. The gathering was held at the Bessemer Public Library on August 30th at 6 p.m. The conference included a multitude of local and national vendors and speaking segments from motivator and entrepreneur, Jet Miller, CEO of Living out a dream, LOAD, Jazmine Mychelle, CEO of Jazmine Mychelle Enterprises, and Michael Barham, CEO of Push Elevation. The conference started off with a mingling vibe and catered appetizers.

Maya Hunter hosted the conference as the evening’s matron of ceremony.

Justin Miller, better known as “Jet,” opened up the event. Miller, 26, is a native of Bessemer, Al, and founder of Living out a dream (LOAD), a nonprofit organization that pushes individuals to pursue after their purpose in life. Through hardship and dejection, Miller created the idea after a conversation with God back in 2014. “I remember sitting down and looking up to the sky and asking God, I want to live out my dreams,” said Miller. “I remember saying, I want to live out a dream over and over until the idea presented itself to me.” Since then, Miller has spoken at Bessemer, Midfield, and Jefferson County schools as a keynote speaker, he has been featured as the leading face on Ipush magazine, located in Birmingham, Al., he has organized tons of fashion shows to market his LOAD brand and recently, Miller hit 12,000 views off of one of his motivational teaching videos.

During the conference, Miller expressed the strategies to becoming a successful entrepreneur, though is the theme of Living out of the dream. He addressed his audience with branding tips to better advance rising up and comers business adventures. Miller screening included, Networking: use your resources, creating your vision, be consistent, and elevating your mindset. “Always apply pressure to yourself. In order for you to break through or get to the next level, you’re going to have to do something that’s uncomfortable.”

Following Miller was, Ms. Jazmine Mychelle Stockdale. Jazmine, 24, is a successful business owner, author, mentor, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. With the drive and passion for helping and uplifting Millenials, Jazmine is a force of nature. Jazmine has been featured in 4 published magazines, branded over 100 businesses, assisted fortune 500 companies in marketing efforts and facilitated corporate training and workshops all recognized under her branding of Jazmine Mychelle Enterprise in which she originated just two years ago. During Jazmine’s briefing, she talked about setting yourself apart and maintaining your image. “Innovation is a key factor for me. I’m always researching and looking for ways to better market myself being that I am a millennial. And because I’m innovative and constantly learning, I’m able to do something new, and I think that’s what makes me stand out versus others who are stuck in their ways. With society and technology changing, you have to be able to stay on top of things.”, said Jazmine

Jazmine also spoke about, presenting your platform, creating a mission statement, developing a catchy tagline, logo and color scheme advertisements, and professional headshots. “Always stick to something that can be universal. Stick to one font and bold color schemes.”

Mr. Michael Barham wrapped up the evening’s conference as the head speaker. Barham, 30, is a native of Bessemer, Alabama and an influential motivator. With his brand Push Elevation and a best selling author, Barham mission is to embrace change and redirect “go-getters” for the present and future generations. “By you knowing yourself if its something that you want-- you just gotta force yourself to go do it.”, said Barham. Barham energizes people to meet the challenges of the world around them. He skillfully shifts his compelling life’s story into the fabric of our daily lives.

During his presentation, Barham gathered the audience in a participation game called, Who’s Who? The game consists of four key animals with the direction of choosing which character best describes the audience member. The animal choices that were given were, Lions, which represented boldness, Flamingos represented understanding and social, chameleons represented indecisive, and turtles represented analytical and cautious. Each animal represented characteristics of strength, dominance, and attentive. Barham chimed in and mentioned his strength and weaknesses, “I see myself as a chameleon, and I’m adaptable, but sometimes, I don’t move, and the lion in me doesn’t come out, because I’m indecisive. And being indecisive can cause you to not to do certain things. Sometimes you have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to make a decision.”

The event was concluded with an audience Q and A and fellowship.

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