Chef Roger Mooking from Cooking Channel’s Man Fire Food made a pit stop for a little sizzle and a lot of smoke at Bob Sykes Bar B Q in Bessemer, Alabama for classic, open brick-pit barbecue. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday, May 20th at 8pm and watch the tricks of the trade from seasoned pitmaster Van Sykes, who has been stoking coals since he was 8 years old. Together Van and Roger season 250 pounds of picnic pork with salt and and load it into a 15 foot pit heated with hickory wood. The pork is then sliced, topped with just enough vinegar-based barbecue sauce and sandwiched inside a toasted bun with sliced pickles. Whether it is smoked, grilled or barbecued, each bite is a mouthful of flaming bold flavors.

Earlier this year, Chef Roger Mooking hit the road to meet pitmasters, chefs, and home cooks using the most innovative and outrageous ways to cook with fire. Viewers can escape from their home quarantine and join Roger on Man Fire Food, as he travels to Bob Sykes to serve up one of a kind dishes that sizzle the taste buds.