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Dr. Keith Stewart has decided to end his 28 year career in education. Under his leadership and with the support of Bessemer School Board members, the Bessemer City School system experienced three years of steady growth. “I have had the privilege and good fortune to work with a progressive and supportive Board of Education, a knowledgeable, highly professional, student-centered administrative team, and a dedicated, collaborative group of teachers and staff who always have the best interest of students at the top of their agendas,” Stewart said.

There have been some challenges and many accomplishments during Stewart’s short time with the Bessemer City School system. He is most proud of the implementation of technology related innovations like the PowerSchool student management system, adding art to the curriculum and the Ready to Work program. When Stewart began his role in 2016, the Bessemer School System had five of seven schools on the state’s failing schools list. Today only one, Bessemer City High School (BCHS), remains on that list. Stewart expects BCHS to be removed when the list is published again next year.

“It is my hope and belief that the timing of this announcement will allow the district enough time to recruit and select the best possible candidate to lead the district into the future,” Stewart said. He will retire on January 1, 2020. “I am honored to have had the opportunity to lead this District and grateful to be able to close out my career in Bessemer City Schools. In some small way I hope that during my time here I have had a positive impact on our children” He added.