The Bessemer Beautification Board is kicking the Neighborhood Beautification Initiative into high gear. Calling all neighborhoods to unify, maintain and improve your environment, which in turn makes Bessemer beautiful! The purpose of the initiative is to promote a process of creating visual improvements to neighborhoods. You and your neighborhood will be recognized for your vested interest in beautifying your neighborhood. A Committee will visit neighborhoods all over the city to evaluate the unified efforts to meet the standards of the initiative. Some of the things that the committee will be looking for are the following :

Litter Free: No Junk, debris (no appliances or indoor furniture on porches or patios, no inoperable vehicles) Garbage and trash picked up and removed from streets, alleys, byways, highways, green spaces, etc.

Lawns: Well-groomed property - Grass mowed, edged and trimmed around sidewalks, foundations, and fences. Trees and shrubbery trimmed as appropriate. No Excessive weeds. No vehicles parked on lawns.

Walkways & Driveways: Walkways and driveways clean (including trash containers or yard products removed from view). Curb Appeal - The area in front of the curb must be free from debris. 

Buildings, Fences, Porches, and Patios in good condition.

Aesthetics: The overall look of landscaping is important. The front entryway should be inviting, neat, and clean. Original and creative touches are desirable to show personality. Evidence of the above effort to improve the image of the neighborhood noted.

For more information on The Bessemer Beautification Board’s Neighborhood Beautification Initiative visit them on Facebook at facebook.com/bessemerbeautification