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The Yo Yo is one of the 6 new attractions! Opening day is May 19th!

The Scrambler is one of the new 6 attractions. 

Enjoy a spinning frenzy on this family favorite. Opening day is May 19th!

Alabama Splash Adventure opens for the summer season on Saturday, May 19th, and is proud to announce the largest expansion in park history. The park has added six new amusement attractions, the Pirates High Dive Show, and many more enhancements to provide more fun all summer long. The park combines water and amusement attractions together, so the entire family can enjoy waterslides and rides in one location for one low price. Depending on your mood, enjoy a relaxing lazy river ride or amplify the excitement with monster slides and waves. On the amusement end, check out the Rampage Wooden Roller Coaster that reaches speeds of 56 mph and family thrilling rides.

Owners, Dan Koch and his Mom Pat also called “The General” have over 60 years of experience in the amusement and waterpark industry. Over the past five years, the Koch family has added numerous amusement attractions to the park, restored the world famous Rampage wooden roller coaster, and introduced many valuable extras such as free parking, free unlimited Pepsi drinks, free sunscreen, free inner tubes and free Wi- Fi.

Both Dan and Pat Koch are at the park daily from open to close greeting customers, cleaning, and you may even see them in the restaurants making funnel cakes. Pat Koch 86 years old says “We have an incredible staff and you really feel like family when entering, everything must be spit spot clean and all you have to do is relax and have fun.”

Alabama Splash Adventure has received a series of positive rankings. In 2017, Alabama Splash Adventure was chosen as one of the top five friendliest parks in the world by readers of Amusement Today, a national amusement industry news leader. The park was named as one of the best theme park values in the USA by MSN News. The Rampage Roller Coaster was ranked as one of the top 25 wooden coasters in the world. Owner Dan Koch says “We will build upon these honors. We are definitely moving in the right direction. Thank you guests, team members and the great state of Alabama.”

Six new attractions include:

1. Scrambler: Enjoy a spinning frenzy ride on the this family favorite.

2. Yo-Yo: Experience the feeling of flight. This spinning attraction takes you into the air in open air seats.

3. Tilt-A-Whirl: Encounter a series of spins and twists.

4. Rocking Tug: Enjoy rocking and spinning motions with the entire family in this wild ship.

5. Royal Express: A gentle train ride off the rails throughout the park

6. Splash Island: kids slides and play area

High Dive Show wth Pirates theme

New Enhancements:

• Newly renovated Island Cafe Restaurant with new Pepsi Oasis where free drinks are served everyday.

• Additional lockers in the waterpark

• More seating

• More shade structures

• More dining tables

• Additional premium cabanas

• Newly renovated Pepsi Amphitheater area

• More food choices including gluten free items

Accomplishments and Pricing/Promotions:

• Named one of the top 5 friendliest parks in the world

• Named one of the best theme park values in the USA

• Rampage named one of the top wooden coasters in the world

• 35% attendance growth since 2014

• 96% positive ratings

• Season pass pricing has been lowered

• Buy online or bring Pepsi product to receive $5 off or $10 of bonus cash

What stays the same in 2018:

• Free Parking

• Free Pepsi drinks all day everyday • Free Sunscreen

• Free inner tubes

• Free Wi-Fi

• Continued family ownership

Alabama Splash Adventure

4599 Splash Adventure Parkway

Bessemer, Alabama


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