Written By Eddie Vines

Eddie Vines is a former Jefferson county Judge and currently serves as President of Faith Fortress Ministries

Most Christians are familiar with the concept of financial stewardship. It is a common theme of sermons, Sunday school lessons and Christian publications. Church leaders strongly encourage the practice of tithing and some congregations even offer classes on financial decision-making and creating a personal budget. Entire ministries and even radio programs exist for the sole purpose of teaching financial concepts to Christians and encouraging them to get out of debt. While promoting financial stewardship is a laudable goal, it seems that by comparison there is very little being discussed about stewarding the other gifts and resources God has blessed us with.

For instance, our time. From spending time in numerous countries, I have observed that Americans tend to be much more schedule-driven than people from other places. Our calendars seem to automatically fill themselves with work, fitness classes, little league, golf, dance recitals and business lunches. With our lives spread so thin the practice of our faith is often reduced to a checklist of Church attendance, committee service and meetings.

Then there are the personal and spiritual gifts he has given us. We often use our skills and talents in our jobs but hardly give a thought as to how they could be put to use in advancing God’s kingdom.

In the Book of Romans, Paul writes that because each individual Christian has gifts that differ from those of other believers, we should be diligent in using them properly. The ones he specifically referred to here are prophecy, service, teaching, encouraging, giving, leading and mercy. Imagine if every believer were to strive to develop their special gifts, harmonize them with other, differently gifted Christians and then faithfully employ them to the glory of God. Without question, the world would soon be a much different place.

Everything we have belongs to God. We owe it to him to be good stewards in every part of our lives.