Written By Eddie Vines

Eddie Vines is a former Jefferson county Judge and currently serves as President of Faith Fortress Ministries

It is not uncommon these days to read of a politician loosening his position on an issue that has moral implications. The popular explanation for these shifts is usually that the officeholder has “evolved on the issue”. It is not a coincidence that many of these so-called evolutions happen to coincide with media-driven changes in public opinion. If one speaks up today in support of traditional moral values, he may be met with a response such as “It’s 2021 for heaven’s sake” or he may be warned that unless he embraces change, he will end up on the “wrong side of history”.

The idea that that biblical principles are timeless and relevant to every age is no longer in vogue. The current post-modern philosophy that is widely taught on university campuses flatly rejects the existence of objective, unchanging morals instead arguing that each individual declares what is moral or immoral for himself based upon “his truth”. A postmodernist would further insist that no one has the right to criticize another person’s actions because that person has the “right” to his own truth.

This belief not only makes a mockery of God, but it is also a recipe for widespread dysfunction and chaos. When a society declares that each person can design his own system of morality, there ceases to be a common understanding of right and wrong that can be relied upon by all.

After God instructed Moses to confront Pharaoh, Moses asked who he should say sent him, God’s response was “I am who I am”.  God exists outside of time and simply “is”. Just as he himself is eternally constant, neither do his divine precepts change. Those who would make themselves their own god and insist that they can “create” their own truth, do so at their own risk. The transient whims of contemporary American society will come and go, and sadly many will be led astray but thankfully God is there and forever will be.