Birmingham students return to school in just over six weeks. Will they have the supplies need to start the school year on August 8?

The Circle of Love Foundation is preparing to make the 2022 school year a success for children in area shelters and others in need. On Monday, June 27, the nonprofit will launch its “Backpacks for Success” campaign to help children in need become a success in the classroom and beyond. With the rise in school supply costs and an increased need anticipated, The Circle of Love Foundation hopes to provide 500 backpacks with the needed school supplies, a 70% increase from the 2021 campaign.  

Will students have the basic school supplies they need?

This question is a primary concern to Doris Phillips. Now the President of RealSource Title Insurance and Real Estate Closings and COO of Lake Homes Realty, Doris grew up in poverty outside of Birmingham, Alabama. At nine, she cut grass to take care of a few needs her siblings. As a single mom at 16, she worked multiple jobs to feed her child. Education was not an option. Fast-forward years later, Doris learned from the school of hard knocks and is a professional success in real estate. She founded The Circle of Love Foundation to provide children in need with school supplies to be successful. Doris knows the deep pain of being forgotten and is committed to prevent it from happening to other children.

Finding Solutions, Creating Opportunities

In 2004 Doris founded The Circle of Love Foundation so children can believe their ideas are real possibilities. The Circle of Love Foundation has touched more than 8,000 children in several shelters and facilities who would have otherwise gone without basic school supplies or opening gifts on Christmas morning. “Every penny given is a penny donated,” said Phillips. 

The 2022 Backpacks for Success campaign kicks off on Monday, June 27, 2022. Last year, the average cost of a backpack with school supplies is $75 per student. This year the average cost of school supplies is $90 for elementary school students and $115 for high school students, a significant increase. For more information and donation options, visit www.thecircleoflove.orgAll of the money collected and school supplies donated are used for children in need throughout Alabama, Tennessee, and Virginia.