Written By Eddie Vines

Eddie Vines is a former Jefferson county Judge and currently serves as President of Faith Fortress Ministries

One of the greatest things about Christianity is that it offers salvation by faith rather than by works. The number of good deeds and acts of kindness have no bearing on one’s eternal security. However, Scripture tells us that if one is truly saved they will naturally want to live a life that pleases God and if one remains in a life of sin even after professing belief in Jesus their salvation experience may not have been genuine in the first place.

In the 7th Chapter of Matthew, Jesus teaches us to identify false prophets by their works saying that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit. Every believer has the Holy Spirit living inside of him and Scripture tells us that the fruit of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Are you exhibiting these in your daily life? 

Oftentimes the live we live are a greater testimony than the words we speak. When our actions and our speech don’t line up with the faith we profess it is a serious thing because many lost people will be quick to label us as hypocrites or just simply misunderstand what Christianity is all about.

Jesus was both fully God and fully man. He was tempted in all things but never sinned. When we carry his banner into the world, yet live lives that dishonor him he is not pleased. 

As fallen creatures we will always be confronted by an internal struggle between good and evil. Satan will always try to influence us to behave like the world rather than like Jesus. 

Let us always be conscious of the way we conduct ourselves so that we will not only honor our Lord but also present a picture of true Christianity to all those around us.