Written By Eddie Vines

Eddie Vines is a former Jefferson county Judge and currently serves as President of Faith Fortress Ministries

In chapter 26 of the book of Acts we read Luke’s account of a harrowing journey he and Paulexperienced as they sailed from Caesarea to Rome on a cargo ship. As the weather became increasingly threatening Paul warned the Roman officer in charge that to proceed on would be very dangerous. Under pressure from the ship’s owner and its Captain the officer chose to sail straight into disaster.

Later in the voyage, Paul shared the good news with the crew and other passengers that an angel of the Lord had appeared to him and had assured him that although they would experience a shipwreck, there would be no loss of life. As the vessel was blown toward land it began to break apart and while some swam to shore the rest floated to safety aboard planks and boards.

While reading this passage recently, I wondered why, if God’s will was to spare everyone aboard the ship, did he not allow them to sail smoothly onto the beach. The answer is that God not only works his will in bringing about certain events but is, at the same time, working his will in the lives of everyone involved. While the peaks in our lives inspire us to worship God and thank him for his goodness, it is in the valleys that we reflect and learn and grow. While God’s sovereign will is always accomplished in our lives the process is not always pretty to watch or pleasant to experience. God provides times of testing, stretching and growth in all of our lives. Our job in the midst of life’s storms is to fully submit to his lordship so that we may become more mature as Christians and can better live lives that glorify him.